Our passion about cars and our commitment to finding the best deal is what drives us!


What we're about...

At carhackr we have a passion for automobiles of all kinds from the daily driver to the weekend exotic. We are just as passionate about finding the best deal as we are driving the car, it’s all part of the fun! Knowing that you paid what you wanted instead of what you had to, is a feeling of achievement all on its own.

At carhackr we have created an online community where everyone has the opportunity to find the best deal, by interacting with other car buyers and experts. We want to help educate buyers on what to expect before they ever walk into a showroom or in some instances they will never have to. With our broker network you can buy a car sight unseen and have it shipped to straight your door.

Where our passion comes from...

At carhackr we’ve always loved cars (vehicles in general) and known that we’ve wanted them to be a large part of our lives. We are really passionate for anything that has motor in it whether it’s a car, truck, suv, if it has wheels and motor we love it! You could say we are true Car Guys and Gals.

We want to spread that feeling through our website and our online community. We want everyone to have the opportunity to drive what they are passionate about and not settle for anything less. Hopefully the transparency we can provide will allot that opportunity for our members and visitors.


Who we are...

Dan the Man


Dan is passionate about his Exotic Cars and has a true passion for helping people in need. Loves talking numbers, definitely a wheeler dealer.

Natalia the Great


Natalia’s known for making the hard decisions and getting her way!  She is passionate about her race cars!

Chris the Hobby Guy


Chris is the softy of the bunch! He takes everything in stride and loves tinkering with cars of all sorts. His favorite is american muscle cars!